Games Workshop Japan Exclusive "War Hammer 40,000" Space Marine Heroes Series 2

2244 25weeks

From UK Games Workshop who previously sold Warhammer miniatures exclusively in Japan, after the great receptions, is now releasing "Space Marine Heroes Series 2" with a new design and mold, distribute ...


Metal Build Evangelion Unit 01

1140 23weeks

Publish by Japanese company Bandai Spirits' collectible division, combining ultimate design, flexibility, and metallic feel, METAL BUILD announced on the 24th of August the item EVA fans have long wai ...


BEAST KINGDOM D-Select-015 Iron Spider Man Statue

57 34weeks

Today we bring to you Marvel Comics’ Iron Spider-Man statue from Taiwanese toy brand Beast Kingdom’s D-Select series, which is expected to ship 2018 Q3. This time around Beast Kingdom has recreated ...


Mecha Galore! LEGO 76115 Spider-Man Mech vs. Venom Mech Unveiled!

136 30weeks

Continuing the superhero mecha streak from LEGO 76117 Batman Mech vs. Poison Ivy Mech, LEGO has unveiled the amazing LEGO 76115 Spider-Man Mech vs. Venom Mech from its Marvel Superheroes line. The s ...


Nier: Automata A2 Action Figure by Bring Arts

335 21weeks

After releasing 2B & Machine Lifeforms from Nier: Automata, Square Enix's 6-inch action figure series Bring Arts announced A2(YoRHa Type A No.2), estimated release date May 2019. Additionally, 9S is a ...


Iron Studios《Jurassic Park》Velociraptors in the Kitchen 1/10 Scale Diorama Art

111 20weeks

Brazilian statue brand Iron Studios' 1/10 scale series "Art Scale" announced today(28) the newest work from《Jurassic Park》with Velociraptors in the Kitchen Diorama Art, releasing Q3 of 2019. Jurass ...


Dragon Ball Super DX Scouter Re-release!

86 17weeks

In Dragon Ball, the classic item power detector "Scouter" is a communication/life detecting device, able to calculate a being's power level and measure distances, with blue, green, yellow, red, and p ...


One Year War Candy Toys! Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars

1280 15weeks

Bandai company candy food division 'Bandai Candy' announce today (01) the new candy toys product Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars, releasing in March 2019. Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars series includes ...


“How Much For the Arm?” Iron Studios Winter Soldier BDS Art Scale 1/10 – Avengers: Infinity War

93 34weeks

Following Black Widow, Hulkbuster, Falcon, and War Machine, Brazilian brand Iron Studios has released Winter Soldier BDS Art Scale 1/10, the newest Avengers: Infinity War battle diorama in its BDS Art ...


Star Wars Hasbro - the Black Series Imperial Shock Trooper Electronic Helmet

179 29weeks

The Black Series Imperial Shock Trooper Electronic Helmet has been officially announced by Hasbro! Based on the trooper design from Star Wars: Battlefront II, this wearable helmet is available now on ...


Ichiban KUJI The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Lifestyle 2

116 23weeks

Ichiban KUJI lottery series from Japanese Company Bandai Spirits recently announced The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Lifestyle 2, selling in Japan 7-11, Ito-Yokado, GEO on October 6th. The Legend of Zeld ...


The Ultimate Beetle! Hasbro Transformers Masterpiece Movie Series MPM-7 Bumblebee Unboxing!

691 20weeks

After 10 years of set up and transformation, the live action Bumblebee had become the symbol of Transformers for the new generation. From a young scout to the reliable soldier, Bumblebee's still cons ...


Final Form?! Gigantic Series Son Goku (Ultra Instinct ver.) from Dragon Ball Super

169 34weeks

From Japan’s X-PLUS company, following popular Dragon Ball figures like SSGSS Vegeto, Super Saiyan Vegeta Big Bang Attack ver., SSGSS Goku and Super Saiyan Son Goku Damage ver., has released the new ...


KOTOBUKIYA Ultraman - Anime ver. Prototype Revealed!

107 32weeks

Kotobukiya has unveiled the prototype for its newest assembly model, Ultraman from the 2019 3DCG Ultraman anime. The figure is also expected to release in 2019. Ultraman is a sci-fi manga authored b ...


Sideshow Collectibles Thor: Breaker of Brimstone Premium Format™ Figure

380 28weeks

Sideshow Collectibles drops the HAMMER with the new Thor: Breaker of Brimstone Premium Format Figure from Marvel Comics, expected to ship May to July 2019! At a massive 25" (65 cm) tall, Thor: B ...


All Japan Model and Hobby Show 2018 New Gunpla Displayed!

188 19weeks

Besides the PG 1/60 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G, Hi-Resolution Model Wing Gundam EW, MG V2 Assault-Buster Gundam Ver. Kai, RG 1/144 Tallgeese II announcements, "All Japan Model and Hobby Show 2018" also d ...


GOOD SMILE COMPANY Naruto Shippuden Nendoroid Jiraiya & Gamabunta Set

97 32weeks

The best-selling Nendoroid figure series from the Good Smile Company, having previously released a number of exciting figures from the Naruto Shippuden anime, has unveiled official promotional images ...


Supergirl Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles Takes to the Skies!

61 31weeks

Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled the newest DC Comics Premium Format Figure: Supergirl 1/4 Scale Statue, expected to ship Summer 2019! Supergirl, born Kara Zor-El, is Superman's cousin. Though the ...


(Updated) "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" Nendoroid Jotaro Kujo

88 25weeks

Good Smile Company's popular Nendoroid series is making the main character Jotaro Kujo, from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3. Official site release preview images. In part 3 protagonist Jotaro Kujo ...


Goddess of Water! PHAT COMPANY Aqua 1/7 Scale Figure from KonoSuba

156 31weeks

Japan's Phat! Company, which specializes in PVC figure models, now brings you the goddess of water herself, Aqua 1/7 Scale Figure from popular light novel and anime KonoSuba! The figure is expected t ...