'Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie' Kyoko Sakura ~The Beginning Story / The Everlasting~ 1/8 Scale Figure

73 28weeks

"I know, Sayaka. It sucks to be alone. Believe me, I know. But it's okay now. 'Cause I'm here with you... Sayaka." After Good Smile Company released Sayaka Miki ~The Beginning Story / The Everlasting~ ...


The Fallen King Arrives! Good Smile Company Saber Alter & Cuirassier Noir - Fate/Grand Order

3053 43weeks

Vroom Vroom! From the Good Smile Company comes the latest Fate/Grand Order entry, Saber/Altria Pendragon [Alter] & Cuirassier Noir! This 1/8 scale statue is expected to release August 2019. This mo ...


Star Wars Bandai Mecha Collection 1/1000 Tantive IV Blockade Runner Announced!

562 43weeks

The Mecha Collection from Bandai Hobby, which previously combined innovative color molding techniques with easy-to-assemble parts to create Dragon Ball model vehicles, now brings you the 1/1000 scale ...


BANDAI Metal Build M9 Gernsback Ver.IV - Full Metal Panic!

1085 42weeks

Bandai Spirits has announced the Full Metal Panic! Metal Build M9 Gernsback Ver.IV for a December 2018 release! The M9 Gernsback is a third generation Arm Slave (Armored Mobile Master-Slave System ...



273 37weeks

The popular Star Wars MEISHO MOVIE REALIZATION Series, after releasing Cold District Ashizu Snowtrooper in April, finally announce the long-awaited new product. The first non-rebel/empire character i ...


Nendoroid Hunter: Female Rathalos Armor Edition from Monster Hunter: World

2675 36weeks

After the release of Monster Hunter: World, the popular Nendoroid series with over 800 characters from Japanese GOOD SMILE COMPANY just announce Nendoroid Hunter: Female Rathalos Armor Edition availab ...


“Veronica, give me a hand!” Hot Toys - MMS510 - Avengers: Age of Ultron 1/6th scale Hulkbuster (Deluxe Version) Collectible Figure

92 30weeks

After releasing MMS489D25 Mark XLVI (Concept Art Version), Hot Toys hosted another Iron Man feast! Besides the MMS510 Hulkbuster (Deluxe Version) and the compatible ACS006 Accessories Set, MMS278D09 ...


Dragon Ball Figure Rise Mechanics Bulma Variable No.19 Bike Info announced!

237 34weeks

Toy company Bandai Hobby division's Figure-rise series, which has much popular anime, manga, and Tokusatsu series as its subject, previously unveiled "Bulma Variable No.19 Bike "at the 57th Shizuoka ...


F:NEX Exclusive《Overlord》Ainz Ooal Gown 1/7 Scale Figure

283 30weeks

Famous Japanese premium toy manufacture Furyu's high-end statue brand F:NEX, after releasing Albedo from the popular light novel Overlord, announced yesterday (17th) Ainz Ooal Gown 1/7 Scale Figure, s ...


[Wonder Festival 2018 Summer] New from Sentinel & 1000toys!

501 42weeks

Sentinel and 1000toys exhibited a number of RIOBOT and 4inch-nel figures at yesterday's Wonder Festival 2018 Summer! ▼ The main highlights of the exhibit are the Sentinel x Grendizer 10th Anniversa ...


Hot Toys John Wick: Chapter 2 - 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure

268 37weeks

Last week we introduce Mafex version of John Wick (Chapter 2), today(27th) we're bringing Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Action Figure version, estimate release Q3~Q4 of 2019. John Wick was an elite hitman also ...


Banpresto Naruto Shippūden Grandista-Shinobi Relations Naruto Uzumaki-Manga Dimensions-

117 35weeks

Publish by Japanese company Banpresto, the Grandista-Shinobi Relations series recently announce Naruto Uzumaki Manga Dimensions, releasing this month! Naruto Uzumaki used to be a troublesome student ...


XM Studios The Joker - DC Rebirth 1:6 Premium Collectibles Statue!

544 42weeks

Joker DC Rebirth has joined the Premium Collectibles series from Singapore's XM Studios! The 1:6 Clown Prince of Crime can be pre-ordered starting July 25 at SGD $599.99 retail. At 1/6 scale, this ...


The Most Versatile Adventure Companion! Hot Toys - MMS511 – Star Wars - 1/6th scale R2-D2 Deluxe Version Collectible Figure

163 28weeks

Hot Toys unveiled today (2) 1/6th scale R2-D2 Deluxe Version Collectible Figure, scheduled to ship between Q3 to Q4 of 2019. As an original trilogy character of Star Wars, R2 has appeared in every S ...


KOTOBUKIYA Ultraman - Anime ver. Prototype Revealed!

219 45weeks

Kotobukiya has unveiled the prototype for its newest assembly model, Ultraman from the 2019 3DCG Ultraman anime. The figure is also expected to release in 2019. Ultraman is a sci-fi manga authored b ...


[SDCC 2018] Square Enix Displays New Bring Arts Figures from Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts

1481 43weeks

With SDCC 2018 now officially under way, Square Enix is exhibiting several of its new 6-inch Bring Arts figures from Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts at Comic-Con. ▼ FINAL FANTASY BRI ...


Nendoroid Special Week from Pony Waifu... I mean Uma Musume Pretty Derby!

290 35weeks

Nendoroid announce today Special Week from Uma Musume Pretty Derby will be available in May 2019. A young horse girl raised in Hokkaido, her mother died in after giving birth so she lived with her a ...


Star Wars Hasbro - the Black Series Imperial Shock Trooper Electronic Helmet

233 42weeks

The Black Series Imperial Shock Trooper Electronic Helmet has been officially announced by Hasbro! Based on the trooper design from Star Wars: Battlefront II, this wearable helmet is available now on ...


Kotobukiya DC Comic Bishoujo Starfire 2nd Edition

85 29weeks

Kotobukiya and illustrator Shunya Yamashita collaborated "Bishoujo" series already released Starfire back in September 2019, but is re-releasing as the 2nd edition. The official site recently unveile ...


Stop, My Wallet is Already Dead… MAFEX – Avengers: Infinity War – Iron Spider

181 46weeks

Though Avengers: Infinity War is nearing the end of its theatrical run, the merchandise for the film is still going strong, especially for standout characters like Iron Spider with many fans picking ...