Popular Illustrator Kanahei x Pokmon! Pokémon Yurutto Vol.2

The Pokémon Company and popular Illustrator Kanahei collaborated series Pokémon Yurutto has announced the second wave! Available exclusively at Pokémon Center Japan starting November 10th.

Kanahei is a female illustrator from Ehime Prefecture and started on Shueisha's Seventeen magazine as a professional illustrator while she is in high school, active in the world of manga, character design, application icon, corporate advertising, etc. Her characters are in therapeutic 2 head scale that's loved by the young. Her most famous work is Pisuke & Usagi from 'Kanahei's small animals' series.

'Pokémon Yurutto Vol.2' again Kanahei's unique style to Pikachu, Dedenne, Rowlet, Slowpoke (looks the same to me), Pyukumuku, and Croagunk. I wished I can lay back with them.:(

Figure Collection Pokémon Yurutto Vol.2
Price: 300 Yen per twist
Release date: 2018/11/10