FOTS Japan《Oreimo》「Kirino Kōsaka Maid ver.」!

Japan BE-FULL company's new toy brand 'FOTS Japan' has chosen 'Oreimo' or 'Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai' as its subject and releasing Kirino Kōsaka Maid Ver. 1/6 scale pre-painted figure. The official site recently revealed promo images and release information.

This time materializing Kirino Kōsaka in her cute Maid uniform and poses in her classic arms crossed with slightly angry expression. The details on the uniform are neat and the base is made with transparent material. If you're a fan of the show please check it out!

Kirino Kōsaka is protagonist Kyousuke Kousaka's little sister and the female protagonist of the show. Studying in an unnamed middle school in Chiba, she's the complete opposite of her plain brother: pretty, athletic prowess, excellent grade, and the best student in the county. With the money she made from modeling from a fashion magazine, she spends it all on games, anime DVDs, etc. Fearing others judgment, she hid her bobby from others.

Oreimo is a light novel written by Tsukasa Fushimi and illustrated by Hiroyuki Oda. The story begins with Kyousuke Kousaka having a huge gap with her sister Kirino Kōsaka. One day Kyousuke Kousaka founded a mature rated game at the house entrance and discovered her sister is a huge geek...

Oreimo「Kirino Kōsaka」Maid ver.
Price: 14,904 (with tax)
Height: 273mm
Release date: 2019/late Jan