XM Studios Premium Collectibles Series Mystique 1/4 Scale Statue

Famous Singaporeans statue brand XM Studios's Premium Collectibles series announced today (2) the latest statue from the X-Men franchise, Mystique 1/4 scale statue, available for pre-order 2018/11/02 11:00 PM (GMT+8)!

Mystique is a Mutant who can alter her voice and body to anyone she wants. Her default look is blue skin, yellowed eye, red hair, and in the movies, they added a scale-like design. Mystique 1/4 Scale Statue is based on her classic white tights appearance in the comics, with seducing curves and reflective skin. The suit besides having realistic creases also has mesh and zippers in its design. The gold skull on her belt and forehead has weightiness and looks oxidized and corroded.

Lively red hair portrays with flowiness while she gentle blows the smoke off her gun. Accessories include a long and short hair head sculpt, and two pairs of arms. With Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters ruin as the base, the exposed rebar, rubbles are all realistically weathered and damaged. Looks like she double-crossed the X-Men again!

XM Studios Marvel Premium Collectibles Mystique Statue
Price: 1,150 SGD
Scale: 1/4
Height: 56 cm
Available for pre-order 2018/11/02 11:00 PM (GMT+8)