Full Fill Your Dream of Being Inhale by Kirby With This Pillow!

Bandai toy company announced today Kirby series latest merchandise, Inhale! Kirby, available May 2019.

Kirby though looks small is actually gobbler. Not only can he open its mouth wide, but it also inhales strongly, can copy anyone's ability unfortunately swallowed by him. Such a powerful ability earn him the name "Pink Devil".

Inhale! Kirby is pillow for players who wished to be inhale by him, with his mouth wide open measuring 21 x 23 cm! Put your head in it when you're taking a nap, or feed it so it can grow bigger. Seriously, who is this for?

Inhale! Kirby
Price: 9,500 Yen
Release date: 9,500 Yen
Release date: 2019/05
Content: Kirby doll, small pillow.
Size: H approximately 38 cm x D approximately 36 cm x W approximately 51.5 cm.
Material: Polyester, Nylon