Happy Halloween! Here's Your First Look at NECA's Laurie Strode Figure!

First off as today is October 31st, I wish you all Happy Halloween! Second, NECA seems to have a present for horror movie fans. Several hours ago they posted a photo of Laurie Strode and Micheal Myers figures on Facebook with the title "Happy Halloween Michael..." I hope we get the full reveal soon!

Halloween premiered mid-October and the reception and box office ain't bad! I personally loved it, rather's the story, twist, and atmosphere, are all spot on. The story takes place 40 years after 1978's Halloween (ignoring all the other ones), where Laurie Strode is still traumatized by Micheal Myers' killing spree. Her family relationship is a mess, and she lives by herself in a small cabin in the woods, religiously honing her marksmanship and ways to kill Micheal; No longer the Laurie who hides in the dark, she's ready and waiting for the murder to arrive...

From the photo, NECA's Laurie Strode looks very close to 'scream queen' Jamie Lee Curtis. Spot on serious expression wearing a black jacket, navy blue tops, and screen accurate necklace and creases. I hope it comes out soon so Micheal has someone to hang out with.XD If you're interested stay tuned to our follow-up report. I personally want to see 1978 ver. Laurie...
Halloween (2018) - Action Figure - Laurie Strode
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