XM Studios Premium Collectibles DC Rebirth Series Wonder Woman 1/6 Scale Statue

After the amazing Joker statue, famous Singaporeans statue brand XM Studios revealed today (30) 'Premium Collectibles DC Rebirth' series second statue, Wonder Woman , pre-order begins 2018/10/30 11:00 PM(GMT+8)!

Thou the series use the smaller 1/6 scale, its detailed like a 1/4 scale statue, going all out expressing every character's highlight and story, and the affordable price allows fans to collect more DC characters! The statue stands 37 cm, with Diana hanging a firm expression while wielding a sword and a shield, ready to take on any enemy! Armor colored in red, blue, and gold, the back and front of the shield has dainty design and details, and beautifully hand painted. The swirly cape has many creases and the gold lining is also spectacular.

This Wonder Women statue also includes an ancient Greek helmet head sculpt and exchangeable hand wielding the 'Lasso of Truth', for more choice of display. Besides Diana herself, the base is also very cool! Stone ruins and crack both have realistic texture, the damaged statue pierced with spear adds a story element to the piece.

XM Studios DC Premium Collectibles DC Rebirth Wonder Woman Statue
Price: 599 USD
Scale: 37 cm
Available for pre-order on 2018/10/30 11:00 PM(GMT+8)