'Attack on Titan' author thoughts on Warner Bros. adaptation!

Kodansha announces today "Attack on Titan" will get a live-action movie produced by Warner Bros. and adapted by Heyday Films known for the Harry Potter films.

The live-action "Attack on Titan" will be direct by Andy Muschietti (It), and the three producers are David Heyman ("Harry Potter"), Masi Oka ("Heroes"), and Barbara Muschietti ("Mama" and "It").

According to a couple of tweets, original author Hajime Isayama said "For a film like Attack, it(Andy Muschietti) is the best choice you can think right now" and on the tv show Sôkai jôhô variety Sukkiri!!"In the past, I dreamed one day my manga will be accepted and approved around the world, now the dream has come true, I feel really happy." In 2015, Toho made two live-action "Attack on Titan" that was praised for its special effect and CGI, but the world-building, characters, and story changes were met with mixed reaction.

"Attack on Titan" is dark fantasy shonen manga created by Hajime Isayama and currently ran on Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine. The story describes the fearsome Titans exist in human civilization, and how the humans who faced extinction build three tall walls and survived. Until one day Titans returned and humans received a grim reminder, the thing that once dominated their fears and the humiliation being confined in a cage. Teenager Eren Yeager who lost his family decides to join the scouting regiment. Dual wielding sharp blades and carrying the wings of freedom, he swore to drive out every single titan. Thou at the time, he and others never knew the truth about the wall or the place they lived...

▼ Attack on Titan Season 3 second half (chapter 50 ~) will air in 2019/04!