《Dragon Ball Super》Figure-rise Standard Goku Ultra Instinct Info Revealed!

Bandai hobby division's figure-rise standard buildable model series, who has years of developed technique, recently announced the release of Goku Ultra Instinct from Dragon Ball Super.

Goku's latest form "Ultra Instinct" appeared in Dragon Ball Super is a form not even Beerus and Supreme Kais could achieve. In the first battle against Jiren at the Tournament of Power, Goku was sucked into spirit bomb explosion; The clash between Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and spirit bomb awaken Ultra Instinct -Sign- and the rematch with Jiren fully awaken Ultra Instinct. In this form, Goku's hair and pupil shine silver and the body and conscious separates with potential unleashed, subconsciously attacking and defending.

Dragon Ball Super has original author Akira Toriyama involve in script production and is the newest Dragon Ball tv series since Dragon Ball GT 18 years ago. The story begins with Evil Majin Buu being wiped from the memory of people on earth and Mr. Satan gives Goku 100,000 Million Zeni from winning the World Peace Prize; Goku's family use the ill-gotten money to transform the house into a countryside mansion. At the same time, Beerus awakes and decimate planets.

Figure-rise Standard Goku Ultra Instinct
No price or release date yet.