Unleash Your Atomic Breath With This Godzilla Dorsal Body Bag!

Japanese COSPA company who specialize in ACG merchandise and cosplay costumes, after releasing Godzilla Parka, and Godzilla Epidermis Ring, recently announced the latest Godzilla related product Godzilla Dorsal Body Bag, estimate release April, 2019.

Godzilla Dorsal Body Bag functions as a normal body bag for tablet, phone, personal belongings, and sundries. The highlights are of course the coral-like decorations stitched on top, mimicking Godzilla's back (sadly it doesn't glow)!

Godzilla Dorsal Body Bag
Price: 6,500 Yen + tax
Release date: 2019/04 (available first on Godzilla Store March 2019)
Size: 19.5 cm in length × 31 cm in width × 31.5 cm in height
Surface material: Nylon
Inner Fabric Material: Polyester