Batman - Samurai Series - Limited Edition 300 Pieces Worldwide

Singaporean statue brand XM Studio and Malaysian pewter manufacturer Royal Selangor collaborate, taking 1/4 scale Batman - Samurai Series released in the past and reconfigures in 1/6 scale and made it with pewter. Limited Edition Batman - Samurai Series Replica only makes 300 pieces worldwide.

Samurai Series is an original creation by XM Studio, based on DC Comics characters then mash-up with multi-genre, with daring scale and unique design to reinterpret many DC universes' popular character. Royal Selangor is a long-established pewter manufacturer and retailer, specialize in delicate tableware, appliance; Recently it had collaborated with many entertainment brands and released pewter made character from Marvel, DC, and Star Wars.

This statue stands 39.5 cm, combining Samurai Batman's sophisticated design with pewter's high-quality texture. The design retains Batman's iconic emblem, spiked gauntlet, and cape while adding Samurai helmet and armor. The cape made Batman more dynamic and the statue has many awing details and shapes visual effect, includes katana, Batarang exchangeable hands; The Japanese roof base besides the limited numbered plate also built-in storage for those exchangeable pieces.

Limited Edition Batman - Samurai Series Replica
Price: HK$ 12,000.00
Scale: 1/6
Limited: 300 Pieces
Available at Royal Selangor official site or contact Beast Kingdom.