Fill Your Room With The Dark Side With Stormtrooper & Darth Vader Incense Holder!

Besides Half Body Darth Vader brass Incense Holder set, Eye Candle Studio just announced Stormtrooper, Darth Vader Incense & Ceramics Incense Holder!

The Incense & Ceramics Incense Holder is based on Stormtrooper and Darth Vader's helmet, again went through many procedures, certification, and adjustment. Helmet, mask, and filter are all accurately recreated, and after the sculpt is completed it's handed to masters at Yingge to create the mold; Stormtrooper version used geware glaze style raising the dimensionality of the piece. Taking a familiar icon and adding Taiwanese traditional crafts, each piece's glaze is one of a kind!

Darth Vader version has cast iron like heaviness. To perfectly display Darth Vader's dignified present, from the right black glaze to the cast iron texture all went through many tests, even the details are thorough; Both Incense Holder has two layers, simply break the included incense (35 sticks), place it on the lower base, light it, and put the helmet on. Beside cherry bubble gum aromatic the room, the smoke from the burn will spread from the holes which are visually pleasing.

▼The black packaging with white prints also has excellent texture, suiting for friends who love Star Wars!

Eye Candle Studio Stormtrooper, Darth Vader Incense & Incense Holder
Price: 2800
Height: 15 cm
Available now for pre-order! (Stormtrooper version is currently sold out, click "join the waiting list" and it should alert you went it's available.)