LEGO 75970~75975 Overwatch Sets Leaked from Target!

After LEGO 75987 Bastion is released, the rest of the Overwatch LEGO sets have leaked! Six sets with a total of 13 characters!

This wave of Overwatch sets has many characters including Tracer, Widowmaker,, Reinhardt, Hanzo, Genji, Winston, Reaper, Pharah, Mercy, Soldier 76, Bastion and McCree, and setting like Hanamora, Dorado, and Watchpoint Gibraltar! Let's get to it already!

LEGO 75970~75975 Overwatch Sets
Price range from 14.99 ~ 89.99, Pieces range from 129 ~ 730, Release date unknown

◆LEGO 75970 Tracer vs. Widowmaker◆
Price: 14.99 USD, Pieces: 129, Release date: NA
First off is the smallest set. Minifigures includes the cute Tracer and cold assassin Widowmaker. The prints are nice and Tracer's hair and Widow's recon visor are all faithfully recreated. Additionally, the set also includes the payload that nobody pushes.

◆LEGO 75971 Hanzo vs. Genji◆
Price: 19.99 USD, Pieces: 197, Release date: NA
Next set Hanamora, will remind one of the duals between Hanzo and Genji in the animated short "Dragons". The Shimada henchman looks as useless as he does from the short and both Hanzo and Genji looks amazing. Beside the "Dragon's head, serpent's tail" scroll, the katana set, the set also includes a small health pack exclusive to this set. Genji will never scream "I need healing" ever again!

◆LEGO 75972 Dorado Showdown◆
Price: 29.99 USD, Pieces: 419, Release date: NA
The set includes Reaper, Soldier 76 and Mccree. Set in Dorado, besides the fruit stand and arch, it also includes the truck payload that attackers need to push to LumériCo power plant. Since Soldier is driving I have no doubt he'll make it in less than two minutes.

◆LEGO 75973 D.Va & Reinhardt◆
Price: 39.99 USD, Pieces: 455, Release date: NA
This set includes old Reinhardt wielding his rocket hammer and young D.Va piloting her Mech! Both look very close to their in-game appearance, with neat scale and basic articulations. Amazing how they made the foot of the mech so it can stand without a base. They even created new pieces for Reinhardt's shoulder and helmet!

◆LEGO 75974 Bastion◆
Price: 49.99 USD, Pieces: 602, Release date: NA
Next is the Bastion model made with 602 Pieces. Based on his classic skin, this the worst set in my opinion. I mean 한 성욱's Bastion looked better than this with more accurate transformation too and it was made two years ago. Even LEGO 75987 Bastion looks better than this crap. I'll be skipping this set.

◆LEGO 75975 Watchpoint: Gibraltar◆
Price: 89.99 USD, Pieces: 730, Release date: NA
At last, the biggest set Watchpoint: Gibraltar includes Winston, Mercy, Pharah and Reaper. Players can use this set to recreate the hard push on point B and blast that Reaper into pieces! Beside the Peanutbutter for Winston, the rocket seems to be able to fit two figures in it.