Let the Cute Steamboat Take You on a Ride! Beast Kingdom Steamboat Willie D-Stage-017

Celebrating Mickey's 90th anniversary, Taiwanese toy brand Beast Kingdom besides releasing the Master Craft series' Tuxedo Mickey and Mini Egg Attack series' Mickey 90th Anniversary MEA-008, recently announced D-Stage (dream) series, whom recreates emotion scene with neat characters, Steamboat Willie and The Sorcerer's Apprentice! Steamboat Willie is scheduled to release in Q1 of 2019.

The black and white cartoon Steamboat Willie that first debut on the silver screen in 1928 was also Mickey Mouse's first appearance. Cheerfully whistling and wheeling, Mickey quickly captured the audience's heart, the life-like steamboat is also classic and cute! Minnie chases the steamboat and a goat turned into a music box after eating the score and guitar is super fun; Even after 90 years Steamboat Willie is still interesting and filled with unexpected creativity.

D-Stage-017 Steamboat Willie stands 15.4 cm. Besides the whistling, wheeling Mickey, there's also his companion Minnie holding the guitar with actual notes on top (wait a minute didn't the guitar got eaten?). The statue is painted black and white, and every detail carefully sculpted; tall chimneys poping with black thick smoke, and the base is full of splashes. The Steamboat Willie plate adds to the collectible worth!

Beast Kingdom D-Stage-017 Steamboat Willie
Price: 899 NT, 810 NT if pre-ordered
Height: 15.4 cm
Release date: 2018/11/04
Release date: Q1 of 2019