Kotobukiya DC Comic Bishoujo Starfire 2nd Edition

Kotobukiya and illustrator Shunya Yamashita collaborated "Bishoujo" series already released Starfire back in September 2019, but is re-releasing as the 2nd edition. The official site recently unveiled promo images and release information.

In the comics, Starfire can absorb ultraviolet radiation and transform it into energy beams to attack an opponent. A rare female alien hero from the galaxy she is popular amongst the DC Comics fans with an interesting backstory and character design. In the latest DC Comics, she along with the 2nd Robin and red arrow formed Titan, and go on an adventure.

Unlike the previous version, the purple costume used reflective metallic paint to contrast his orange alien skin. Additionally, the red hair is made with the transparent material and painted gradient. The Mars rock base is also detailed; if you missed it the first time around now is your chance to get it!

DC Comic Bishoujo Starfire 2nd Edition
Price: 8,000 (without tax)
Height: 215mm
Release date: 2019/04