Incense Mixed with Dark Side! Darth Vader Incense Holder from Eye Candle Studio

For fans of Star Wars, besides the truckload of toys, little things and commodity are probably Star Wars themed preferred as well! Today we're introducing the Darth Vader Incense Holder from Eye Candle Studio, available now for pre-order!!!

If you are from Asia chances are you use incense for frequently. This Disney officially licensed Incense Holder is made for those occasions! The Holder went through many procedures of strict inspection and adjustments, faithfully recreate Darth Vader as he appeared in the movies. Experienced Taiwanese bronze sculptor, smelt, forge, sculpt, to create the displayable and practical Darth Vader Incense Holder.

Darth Vader itself is 10 cm tall, posed with both hands wielding the lightsaber. Helmet, mask contour, and suit shape are all delicately sculpted and polished, cape folds are also neatly made. Sticking the included red incense (18 sticks), not only turns on his iconic weapon but also fills the room with the cherry bubblegum smell! Use it to abduct people to the dark side.

Eye Candle(Darth Vader Incense Holder)
Price: 4,200 NT
Specs: 10 cm
Available now!