Gotta Grab 'Em All!《Pokémon》Poké Ball Collection REVIVAL

Published by Bandai's candy toys division "Bandai Candy", taking Poké Balls from the popular Pokémon series to create the Poké Ball Collection series, the series recently announced Poké Ball Collection REVIVAL, scheduled to release in January 2019.

Poké Ball is the most important item in the world of Pokémon. As a professional Pokémon trainer one can never rest easy without carrying 99 Poké Ball at all times, for a rare Pokémon might just pop up any moment! Earliest Poké Ball is made of Apricorn and steel, different Apricorn will create different types of Poké Ball and needs days for a professional to make. Modern Poké Ball is all mass produce with a total of 27 types to accompany a Pokémon's or a trainer's needs, the power of science is truly amazing!

Poké Ball Collection REVIVAL includes the 7 types of stylish and popular Poké Ball release in the past, including the standard red and white kind; All balls includes a display stand with its name on it.

1.Poké Ball

2.Dusk Ball

3.Dive Ball

4.Heal Ball

5.Timer Ball

6.Heavy Ball

7.Moon Ball

8.Love Ball

Pokémon Ball Collection REVIVAL (8 pieces)
Price: 4,320 Yen
Size: H48mm × W49mm
Release date: 2019/01