Hunters Must Have!《Monster Hunter: World》Scoutflies Room Light Lamp Stand Set【Capcom Cafe and CHARACAP Exclusive】

Capcom recently announce 【Special edition】Scoutflies Room Light Lamp Stand Set base on its famous action role-playing game Monster Hunter: World, available exclusively at Capcom Cafe and CHARACAP, November 3rd.

In Monster Hunter: World, the newly added Scoutflies is a convenient mechanic for newbies and veterans. Scoutflies cage Hangs on every hunter belt can highlight resources in an area, mark preys, and track em, replacing the paintball and binocular functions from the previous game.

【Special edition】 Scoutflies Room Light Lamp Stand Set faithfully recreated the Scoutflies cage from the game, approximately H15×W8.5×D8.5cm, with light bulb emits Scoutflies' neon green. The base has neat curves and star design, putting in a room must feel romantic~ If you don't want the stand, Capcom will also release a no stand, premium version(Claw machine) in late October!

Monster Hunter: World 【Special edition】Scoutflies Room Light Lamp Stand Set
Price: 5,800 Yen + Tax
Release date: 2018/11/03
Lamp size: H15×W8.5×D8.5cm
Stand size: H30×W12.3×D12.3cm