Half a Waifu! F:NEX《Re:Zero》Rem 1/1 Bust Figure

Famous Japanese premium toy manufacture Furyu's high-end statue brand F:NEX, after releasing pure-white rem from the popular anime Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, announced today (18th) Rem 1/1 Bust Figure, scheduled to ship in October 2019, retailing at 234,000 Yen + tax(Approximately 2,078.15 USD).

Rem is a maid of Roswaal L Mathers and twin sister of Ram. Rather is housekeeping or combat Rem excels that of her sister's but for some reason Rem admires her very much. She's complimentative on the outside but is mean and critical on the inside. As half Oni, a horn on her forehead can absorb magic during combat; Specialize in water magic and favors the brutal morningstar as her weapon.

Rem 1/1 Bust Figure is sculpted by Design COCO company, with years of life-size statues experience to craft the 70 cm Rem bust. Arms crossed and smiling, from the hairclip and skin to the maid uniform, are all neatly made. The life-size scale also went through a refined adjustment to present the slim teen body, makes one want to hold and protect her, cute as a button!

▼ If you can't get the 1/1 Rem Statue by FIGUREX (Approximately 13,145.36 USD), get the bust instead!

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World Rem 1/1 Bust Figure
Price: 234,000 Yen + tax
Height: Approximately 700mm
Material: Polyresin, PVC
Sculptor: Design COCO
Painter: Design COCO
Photography assistant: Dengeki Hobby Magazine