Dragon Ball Super DX Scouter Re-release!

In Dragon Ball, the classic item power detector "Scouter" is a communication/life detecting device, able to calculate a being's power level and measure distances, with blue, green, yellow, red, and purple colored lenses. However, Scouter can't measure the potential power of a lifeform, causing Freeza and his gang to think it malfunctioned when it never did once.

This is the upgraded Dragon Ball Super DX Scouter version, with adjustable headband suitable for adult and kids. Additionally, it also has a light-up feature able to re-enact scene for the show by pressing the button on the side (either fighting sound, scanning sound, or classic dialogue), don't miss it if you're a fan of the show!

Dragon Ball is a classic adventure and fighting manga created by Akira Toriyama. Started on Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1984 to 1995, up to now it has 42 tankōbon volumes, with anime, movies, video games, cd, artbook, and other related work down the line. It remains to be many people's childhood memory.

Dragon Ball Super DX Scouter
Price: 3,240 Yen
Release date: 2018/12