Relive the Battle with Pride! - First 4 Figures - Alphonse Elric Statue

Specialize in characters statue from video games and anime, Hong Kong / British brand First 4 Figure recently announced Alphonse Elric Statue from Fullmetal Alchemist with regular, exclusive, and definitive edition and each edition has a gray variant and silver variant, shipping in Q4 of 2019.

Because Alphonse Elric soul possesses on a big suit of armor, people often mistake him for the Fullmetal Alchemist when it's his brother Edward Elric who's the real deal. Alphonse has a kind and empathetic personality frequently takes in street cats and dogs. Hidden inside the armor is a hand to hand combat skill that Edward "Has never beaten". Because the soul is connected by the blood oath within the armor, the soul will perish if the oath is destroyed, so naturally, it's Alphonse's deadliest weakness.

▼ Regular Edition Gray Variant

▼ Regular Edition Silver Variant

Alphonse Elric Statue stands 55 cm tall, with regular version displaying combat ready stand that's familiar to fans of the series. Armor's sharp design and details are all researched and recreated, detailed paint and weathering boosted the statue's realism, especially the scars! The front of the base has Alphonse's blood oath shield decoration, with the scribe able to glow in the dark; In the deluxe version, besides the built-in LED head, it also includes an additional head sculpt with an anime expression.

Next, the definitive edition is the fight with pride scene after Alphonse took the philosopher's stone from the gravely wounded Heinkel. Besides including the regular and exclusive content, it also includes an exchangeable hands holding the philosopher's stone and one-hand sword. Used red transparent material to exhibit its effect, and the sword turned to attack pride's true form.

Pride's shape and irregular shadow can be added to the base, and the philosopher's stone also has built-in LED.

Price: Regular & Exclusive Edition is 549.99 USD Definitive Edition is 699.99 USD
Gray and silver variant is the same price, the site also has a discount combo edition:
Exclusive Edition Gray Variant + Exclusive Edition Silver Variant is 999.99 USD
Definitive Edition Gray Variant + Definitive Edition Silver Variant is 1249.99 USD
Size: Approximately 55 cm
Release date: Q4 of 2019