(Updated) LEGOlize Your Favorite Fairy Tale! LEGO 21315 LEGO Pop-Up Book Info Unveil!

Remember LEGO Pop-Up Book made JKBrickworks and Grant Davis passed 10,000 support on LEGO creation.com? Last night LEGO Ideas posted a promo video for the Pop-Up Book on Facebook!

▼Let's check out that super cute video!

This set is the 23rd of the LEGO Ideas series, the final product looks very different from the original design! Rather's the color of the cover or the style title have both improved. Besides the pages build with light yellow bricks, the title writes "Once Upon a Brick" with the two designer's name, Allemann(JKBrickworks) and Davis below.

The stories includes Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Bean. Though it can only fit one story at a time, through the simple assembly design one can exchange it on the fly. I'm most excited for the Wolf with Glasses made exclusively for the Little Red Riding Hood story! Wearing the torn and ripped pink pajama, this a noteworthy figure! Little Red also has a delightful design and the home is cute too.

Jack and the Beans story build the cloud reaching beanstalk, with white arch brick composing the fluffy cloud~ One the top of the stalk sits the giant's house, but due to technical constraints it's rather tiny, maybe builders can found their own solution and add to it. The giant is made in Minifigure scale while jack is in Micro Minifigure scale, very cool!

LEGO 21315 LEGO Pop-Up Book
Price: 69.99 USD
Pieces: 850
Release date: 2018/11/1