Hot Toys - COSB524 - COSB527 Mickey 90th Anniversary Cosbaby (S) Series

This year marks Mickey's 90th anniversary! After seeing Funko's Mini Vinyl Figures, Beast Kingdom's Mini Egg Attack, and Bandai Spirit's collectible toys division "Figuarts ZERO" series unboxing, you thought it's over!? The mouse who earns the most money in the world isn't letting you off the hook that easily! Anyway, Hot Toys' Cosbaby series recently also announce their Mickey 90th Anniversary figure, COSB524 - COSB527, estimate shipping in Q4 of 2018!!!

The black and white cartoon Steamboat Willie that first debut on the silver screen in 1928 was also Mickey Mouse's first appearance. Cheerfully whistling and wheeling, Mickey quickly captured the audience's heart, the life-like steamboat was also really cute! COSB524 - COSB527 are approximately 15cm tall, reinterpret Mickey's design in series's unique deformed scale, and includes standard Mickey, Mickey in Golden version, Mickey as a director, and Mickey wielding a ship wheel a total of four versions. Most be irresistible for those who love Mickey!

Enlarged head and eyes made Mickey more therapeutic and added a naive like essence. Director Mickey beside wearing the green hat is also holding a clapperboard with his logo on it. The ship wheel version is colored in black, grey, white, and the gold version are like the ones in the park; Standard and gold version have simple articulations, and the film theme version has a different design.

Hot Toys - COSB524 - COSB527 - Mickey 90th Anniversary – Cosbaby (S)
Price: NA
Height: Approximately 15 cm
Release date: Q4 of 2018