Bridge of Past and Future, The Powerful Mutant Cyborg Joins the Battle! One:12 Collective Cable Figure

After releasing Cyclops, Wolverine 5 Ronin, MEZCO's ONE:12 COLLECTIVE figure series, recently announced Cable 1/12 scale figure, releasing between May ~ September 2019.

One:12 Collective Cable is 17 cm tall, with over 30 points of articulations. The suit consists of blue and brown, used fabric, fake leather, and another compound material, giving a rich and heavy visual effect; Chest shoulder, and shin armor all use high standard weathering paint also adds to it! Every scar marks his battles from the past and future.

Headsculpt includes standard and grit teeth expression, infected right-eye wound and deep brow are all detailedly sculpted. Both heads sculpt and chest armor has built-in LED, and the silver metal arm is very eye-catching! Weaponry includes plasma cannon with two clip, grenade launcher, pistol with holster and a knife. Weapons are all fantastically weathered, adding multiple exchangeable hands to recreate Cable's glories combat pose!

Price: 100 USD
Scale: 1/12
Height: 17 cm
Release date: 2019/05~07