2018 LEGO Ideas First Wave Contest Winners~ Treehouse and The Flintstones Approved!

LEGO recently unveiled 2018 first wave LEGO Ideas results. From the 10 reviewed product, the winners are TreeHouse design by KevinTreeHouse and The Flintstones design by AndrewClark2.

▼In this contest, neither the highly praised SR-71A The Final Flight nor the BMW R60/2 made by Taiwanese builder maximecheng03 got approved, how unfortunate~

Let's start with the treehouse! This treehouse used 2643 pieces, with a thick trunk, three treehouses connected by small bridges, and compact leaves at the top. How does one get from the ground to the comfy treehouses? The spiral stairs of course! The builder used many different shades of brown and flat tiles to add layers, brilliantly displayed tree asymmetric shape. Many details include swings, lantern hanging on branches, and handrail decorations, etc. The base has a wood table for picnics, and spider web next to it. Can't wait for the official release version!

▼Hope the shipped version will have the same removable design.

▼Even the interior isn't sloppy, packed with surprises, and filled with warm colors.

Next is the Flintstones, for those who love watching old cartoons must feel nostalgic and excited! As a fan of the Flinstone AndrewClark2 used 770 pieces to complete his work, as a playable set, with the classic Welcome to BEDROCK sign, stone cars, and Fred's house! The car appearance is highly accurate, even the railing is made. Turn the house around and enjoy the view, AndrewClark2 even printed Cave painting and television screen looks like he put a lot of effort into it! The Minifigures are also anticipated, what will the final product turn out? I can't wait for this set!

▼Optional part allow the car to tilt, make display it more dynamic!

▼Check out AndrewClark2's display video~