Pink Devil Detected! ANIPLEX+《Gun Gale Online》Llenn -Sudden Attack- 1/7 Scale Figure

Japanese company Aniplex recently announced the newest exclusive product available on ANIPLEX+. Llenn -Sudden Attack- 1/7 Scale Figure from Gun Gale Online, releasing July 2019.

The story follows Hokkaidian Kohiruimaki Karen studying at an elite college in Tokyo. Though born with wealth, great motor skill, and 183 cm model body, her height received a peculiar look and cost her inferiority complex. Adding most of her schoolmates are rich girls made Kohiruimaki fearfull of socializing.

After watching news about VR games giving the player a different life, she tried many VR games with friend's recommendation and end up creating her favorite avatar: 145 cm loli, Llenn on Gun Gale Online. Dressed in her favorite color pink, with P-chan (P90) and small stature, high AGI, DEX ability combine with speed surprise tactic, earning the name "Pink Devil".

Llenn -Sudden Attack- 1/7 Scale Figure is produced with Aquamarine company, reenacts the scene were Llenn sudden attack from a suitcase in episode 1, with movement so fast not even the case has landed. Knee pad, ammo pouch, and P90 submachine gun are all fairly realistic, able to feel the weight with the design and paint. Empty cans and shells farther complete the scene, reliving Pink Devil's glorious name!

Llenn -Sudden Attack- 1/7 Scale Figure
Price: 18,800 Yen (without tax)
Release date: 2019/07
Specs: 1/7 scale ABS & PVC pre-painted figure・stand included, approximately 182 mm in height (including base)
Sculptor: Sakaki Kaoru(Wonderful works)
P90 sculptor: Yasuyuki Kobayashi
Painter: Mai Motchi
Production assistant: Aquamarine

Gun Gale Online (GGO) is a spin-off of Sword Art Online created by Shigusawa Keiichi. Illustrate by Kuroboshi Kōhaku the story takes place in the game with the same title. Shigusawa is himself a gun fanatic, and was the weapon advisor for SAO season two, and receive praise for the world, gun feature, and tactic created in GGO.