T-ARTS - Street Fighter 2 - Desktop M. Bison Joins The Battle!

Takara Tomy's T-ARTS brand released many well-received Gashapon products, previously released Desktop Zangief from Street Fighter 2 that was embraced by fans. This time it'll continue the line with Desktop M. Bison, with two colors and a total of eight kinds same as the Zangief. Currently unveiled preview images and release information, check it out if you love desktop Gashapon and Street Fighter!

In the game, M. Bison is the leader of the secret crime organization Shadowlaw, to achieve world domination he recruits elite martial artist and controls them with Hypnosis. M. Bison used to be serious martial art practitioner in his youth, though distinguished he's often ignored and years of hatred became his source of power. After learning the Psycho power he killed his brothers and master and begin his plan for world domination.

Desktop M. Bison
300 Yen per twist
Height: 50~70mm
Release date: 2019/01