Watch out! Iron Studio Velociraptor Attack Art Scale 1/10 - Jurassic Park

After releasing T-Rex, Velociraptor in the Kitchen, and Crouching Velociraptor, Brazilian statue brand Iron Studios's 1/10 Art Scale series has another Velociraptor for you~ Velociraptor Attack, coming Q3 of 2019.

Jurassic Park released in 1993 was directed by Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg, not only had realistic Dinosaur for its time, but the film also raised public interest in Dinosaurs. Towards the end of the film, Alan, Ellie, Lex, and Tim were chased by Velociraptors, and narrowly escape death multiple times! The kids lock one in the freezer room and escaped, four activate the lock but were spotted by two Velociraptors going from the control room's ventilation shaft to the great hall. When it seem like there's no escape a T-Rex showed up and snatches the Velociraptor, too close~

Velociraptor Attack Art Scale 1/10 stands 20.8 cm tall 31 cm wide, capturing the lowered, knees bend and ready to jump Velociraptor. From the opened mouth, gesture, to it's muscles are all very realistic. Skin wrinkles and gradient paint job also adds to it. Beside solo display, add some figure for more interesting result!

▼Never gets old!

Velociraptor Attack Art Scale 1/10 - Jurassic Park
Price: 99 USD
Scale: 1/10
Size: 20.8 cm tall 31 cm wide
Release date: Q3 of 2019