Kaiyodo Debuts Amazing Yamaguchi Series No.011 Deathstroke!

Published by Kaiyodo, after the Amazing Yamaguchi series released the first DC figure Batman, the long-awaited mercenary Deathstroke, releasing January 2019.

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Amazing Yamaguchi series use years of “Yamaguchi type movable” experience, insert heroes with Kaiyodo's Revolver Joint, with the premise of defined muscle yet able to display dynamic poses. Deathstroke AKA Slade Wilson join the Army when he was 16 by lying about his age. After accepting the super soldier experiment, he gained super strength, endurance, and self-heal ability. Skilled with un-armed combat and having an astute mind plus the cool look made him a popular character. Deathstroke's self-heal does have its limit, for example losing his right eye.

Amazing Yamahuchi Deathstroke stands 17 cm, with orange-blue combat suit's chest, shoulder, and bicep covered in scale armor making the already cool design even more layered! Pockets, sheath, and holster made it weighty. Besides the exaggerated muscles but the proportional body, some parts of the armor can cover the Revolver Joint, make for better display! Intense emotion reflects on the mask and the unmasked head sculpt also has excellent expression.

Besides the cool design and shocking flexibility, the rich weaponry is also a joy! Includes two katana, staff, knife, assault rifle, handgun, and two grenades; Grenades can hang on the belt while katanas can be stored in the sheath.

AMAZING YAMAGUCHI No.011 Deathstroke
Price: 7,539 Yen
Height: 17 cm
Release date: 2019/01