ThinkGeek & GameStop Exclusive Infinity Gauntlet Mood Lamp

Specialize in movie and video game merchandise, ThinkGeek announces Infinity Gauntlet Mood Lamp from Avengers: Infinity War.

In the movie, even with only 4 stones, Thanos wields tremendous amounts of power, and with the completion of the Infinity Stones he successfully wiped out half the universe. Such a powerful device is now a mood lamp, though it can't produce unlimited power it can give you a comfy sleep! Suited for display on your desk or office.

The lamp stands 25.4 cm, detailedly created Infinity Gauntlet's shape, patterns, even the gems aren't sloppy with built-in LED glowing equally. Requires 3 double A batteries or charged with the USB port on the back, appealing and practical. If you need a lamp recently, consider getting it at ThinkGeek or GameStop!

Marvel Thanos Gauntlet Mood Lamp
Price: 40 USD
Height: 25.4 cm