"Time to float." MEZCO It (2017) Pennywise 15" Mega Scale Talking Figure!

MEZCO's Mezco Designer Series(M.D.S.) recently announced Pennywise Mega Scale Talking Figure from the 2017 movie, floating between March and May 2019.

It (2017) is an adaptation of Steven King's 1986 novel of the same name. Set in Derry town, the story follows members of loser club getting followed by "It", and must face its greatest fear to overcome "it"; The story begins with a little boy name Georgie get pulled down into a drain hole. It is a shape-shifting creature that takes shape of children's most fearful thing as it loves meat with fearful scent. "It" mostly appears as Pennywise the Clown.

38 cm tall and reinterpreted with the deformed scale, it still retains that fearsome and creepy face and it feels super grotesque! Make-up, cracks, and hair are all detailedly sculpted. The outfit is made with real fabric, faithfully recreated the ruffles and red button details. Phrases include "You'll float too..." and "I'm Pennywise, the Dancing Clown" a total of six quotes. Packaging uses the collector-friendly window box, perfect for display!

MEZCO DESIGNER SERIES IT (2017): Mega Scale Talking Pennywise
Price: 98 USD
Height: 38 cm
Release date: 2019/03~05