After-School Arena【Bullseye Orcus】1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figures by Dam Toys

Specialized in daring scale and shockingly detailed statues, 1/6 scale figures, Dam Toy's After-School Arena series after releasing first shot "All-Rounder ELF," announced yesterday the second shot "Bullseye Orcus" 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figures, estimate release Q2 of 2019.

After-School Arena is the same as Dam Toy's other popular figure series Gangsters Kingdom, with detailed backstory on their facebook page, that most will probably skip over. "Ever since the school started the SRT (Special Reaction Training), I've been super stoked! The whole process is really intense! No need to worry about getting fat even if I binge eat! I heard that all schools are carrying out the same course, so there must be awesome senseis out there!
Hehe, I lurk at a corner you can't see, where I gently bid you good night!"
——Bullseye Orcus

Bullseye Orcus 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figures stands 12 cm. Compare to the previous ELF, this student character Bullseye is obviously a lot younger. Tied hair ribbon, violet top, short pants, and stocking all added youth, colorful, and cute essence. As for the chest, waist, and abdomen tattoo, as well as the yellow panties, added sexy factors to Orcus. Blond hair has a pleasing form and the panic expression and gesture look very vivid.

Assault rifle shins after the special paint job, the clip even has a heart picture on it, adding to her character. The entire base is also made of bricks and sandbags. Weather environment supplements After-School Arena atmosphere and the chubby puppy biting her pants is just funny!

After-School Arena Bullseye Orcus
Price: 630 yuan
Scale: 1/7
Height: 12 cm
Release date: Q2 of 2019