RE:EDIT 1/6 Iron Spider Action Figure by Sentinel

Published by Japanese toy company Sentinel, the RE:EDIT series reinterprets Iron Man suits from the comic. Yesterday(01) it announced its latest work: 1/6 Iron Spider Action Figure from the Civil War comic series, estimate release this December.

Its design is based on the red-gold Iron Spider Armor made by Tony Stark for Peter. In the comic, the armor provides bullet protection, short-range glide, diving, search and locate, and mask filter, etc. Made of liquid metal nanotechnology the suit can transform, and control four nimble Waldoes on the back. The 1/6 scale is also a lot larger than the past Iron Man armors, overall 28 cm tall!

RE:EDIT Iron Spider Armor, as usual, uses ABS material to sculpt its design. Displays the bullet resistant matter from the original comic, and paint with beautiful gold and glossy red. The neck, upper arm, and abdomen armor are made with fabric and the chest and sole are made of diecast parts to add weight. The signature Waldoes are more mechanical compare to that of the comic, with detailed lines, form depiction, the tip claws can open too.

RE:EDIT 1/6 Iron Spider
Price: 34,560 Yen
Release date: 2018/12
Accessories: Fist Hand x2 Open Hand A x2 Open Hand B x2, Waldoes x3, Stand.
Material: ABS, Die-cast, PA, PVC, Fabric.
Height: Approximatly 28 cm
Design: Yuki Nakamura (Sentinel)