Is This Pose too Sextual? Portrait.Of.Pirates《ONE PIECE》“LIMITED EDITION” Jewelry Bonney Ver.BB

Bathing Beauties, a branch from the famous One Piece collection Portrait.Of.Pirates (P.O.P), published by Megahouse toy company finally announced the highly discussed (ジュエリー・ボニー / Jewelry Bonney), coming February 2019.

Jewelry Bonney is the captain of the Bonney Pirates from South Blue. Has a slim body yet enormous appetite, earning the title "Big Eater"; Bonney's Devil Fruit ability allows her to manipulate age, along with Luffy, Edward Low, and 9 others they're referred to as the Worst Generation. After she escapes from Akainu arrests, Bonney secretly infiltrated the World Summit!

Jewelry Bonney Ver.BB stands 14 cm, dressed in a red bikini, short jeans, and hot leather braces. Posed with a straight chest and groin with legs slightly stretched. White skin and curvaceous, her waist and boobs doesn't obey the laws the science! Bracelet has beautiful metallic shin, players can choose rather or not wear her signature hat. Pink long hair curved smooth hair movement and streamlined design while adding visual tension.

Portrait.Of.Pirates《ONE PIECE》“LIMITED EDITION” Jewelry Bonney Ver.BB
Price: 10,098 Yen
Height: 14 cm
Release date: 2019/02