LEGO New Project "Forma" Unveiled! Koi Looks Pretty and Swims Too~

Yesterday night LEGO unveiled their new project "LEGO Forma" and showed off 4 types of technic fish model; The mission is to have builders exchange opinion and design idea. Target at an older audience the crowdfunding is happening on Indiegogo!

"LEGO FORMA: Add a Splash of Creativity to Your Day"

This the project's slogan, it aims to stimulate builder's connection with creativity, renewing and creating. Besides building new "ways to play" and look, because it's on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, the LEGO Forma design team and quickly exchange ideas and change design; Crowdfunding stops on November 6, 2018.

According to the image for left-to-right, we have Splash Koi, Shark, Koi, and Ink Koi. The design concept is to build fishbone with technology then cover it with your favorite skin. The bones are connected with the base mechanism, and turning the handle gives life to the LEGO fish model as it wiggles its body and swims in the air! Skin wise, besides shake's blend color, the Koi prints have rich and detailed pattern.

Different material give LEGO more possibilities, like this fish model integrates handicraft quality, in turn, makes people discover the fun of creating. I believe this is the key of the LEGO Forma project and I'm excited to see more various theme.

LEGO Forma 81000~81003 Koi、Shark、Splash Koi、Ink Koi
Check the page for purchase options
294 Pieces per box
Releasing 2019/02~03