The Ultimate Beetle! Hasbro Transformers Masterpiece Movie Series MPM-7 Bumblebee Unboxing!

After 10 years of set up and transformation, the live action Bumblebee had become the symbol of Transformers for the new generation. From a young scout to the reliable soldier, Bumblebee's still constantly popular amongst the Autobots. At the end of 2018, Hasbro and Paramount Pictures corporate, Bumblebee's solo movie will finally arrive. How spectacular is the long covered in dust, Bumblebee's earth adventure? Will the yellow wave revive the franchise or sink it forever? We shall see when it premiere.

In response to Bumblebee solo movie release, world renown toy company Hasbro included the Volkswagen Beetle Bumblebee in the well-received Masterpiece Movie Series(MPM). With high exquisite appearance and excellent transform mechanism, the Masterpiece(MP) series has always been seen as the hi-end Transformer toys, combining the mechanical feel from the live-action movie and exquisite details, the ultimate experience is exactly what MPM tries to convey to the player.

After releasing the classics like Chevrolet Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Barricade, the new Bumblebee has joined the MPM line-up. Combining the nostalgic Gen 1 series look and live-action heavy machinery style, as the 7th figure in the series the Beetle Bumblebee is their best work by merging the past and present. The alternate mode not only has dazzling gradient paint job, but the classic Beetle minutiae are all recreated. As for the robot mode, all the weapons are included and the faceplate is too. If you're a Bumblebee fan be sure to add this to your collection!

▼The black background is the same as the MP and MPM series.

▼All package sides. The back has the official Volkswagen logo and emphasizes faceplate and weaponry.

▼Just a heads up, please read the manual before transforming to avoid unnecessary damages.

▼Let's start with the alternate mode- Beetle!

▼For a Gen 1 fan like myself, this calls for a celebration!

▼Materializing 1967 classic Beetle look, it's full of nostalgia no matter where you look.

▼The curved front is its unique signature, both headlights are made of transparent pieces.

▼Didn't miss the Volkswagen logo on the hood.

▼Only the left has side-view mirrors, of cause the considerate MPM would recreate it just like in the movie!

▼The wheel frame is covered with metallic paint and includes the Volkswagen logo.

▼Taillight, bumper, exhaust, and rear details not one missing.

▼Let's turn to its side, the shell used gradient chrome yellow paint to display the body's shine, points for representation.

▼You can see how tight the parts fit together from the underbody, a good example of the use of space.

▼The rear can use muffler to carry weapons and face plate part.

▼Compare it to MP-21's G1 Bumblebee, both Beetles has different scale and paint so each has its own merits.

▼Compare it to SS-18 Studio Series(SS) version, isn't MPM a lot more exquisite?

▼Beetles side by side, which is your favorite?

▼Scale comparison!

▼MPM assemble!

▼Beetle, Chevrolet, and Mustang, who would you choose?

▼"Bumblebee roll out!"

▼Autobot rookie enters the battle!

▼Changed from the well-built body of the past, the new Bumblebee has more round curves and overall silhouette is very different.

▼MPM, of course, followed the movie setting recreates Bumblebee's more naive impression.

▼The back is made of the hood(the irony...), has no effect on flexibility and help the front not looking too clumsy.

▼Headsculpt has the same amount of attentiveness and detail and the pass MPM. Visual style went from capable and vigorous to round and green. Eyes are transparent but the back of the head has big screw.

▼To switch to the faceplate open the top and remove the forehead part.

▼Look carefully, the eyes are transparent and have hexagon pattern.

▼Swith complete! Bumblebee went from cute mascot to death machine.

▼Headlights are liftable, revealing 16 missiles.

▼Waist and hip joint have neat details, by the way, some parts are made of alloy.

▼Moveble shoulder plate allows a greater range of motion.

▼Hand is similar to MPM-3 Chevrolet Bumblebee with many joints; The index has two, thumb and the rest has one.

▼Legs are also considerate, with heels and sole also has alloy parts.

▼Sole can bend slightly.

▼Thanks to Sole joint placement, Bumblebee split! Sort of...

▼Stinger Sword connects the arm via tenon.

▼The blade had Cybertron written on it.

▼Stinger Blaster combines after lining the fingers just right. It looks like it came out of his arms!

▼Faceplate and weapons can all be stored on the back.

▼Let's see how flexible this new MPM-7 Bumblebee is!

▼"I'll turn you into a star by punching!"

▼"Don't care if you're Starscream or Blitzwing, come get some!"

▼"Now I'll show you my real power!"

▼Excellent playability, no pose is a challenge.

▼"Ha ha! Decepticons hurry out and sleep already!"

▼Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting!

▼"I'm late for work~" Sprinting pose? Easy!

▼"Eat my Keman... Oh wait I mean Bumble Kick!"

▼"Super Hero Landing? No problem!"

▼"Weapon system online," "Ready to be deployed!"


▼A knife and gun is enough.

▼"No one cared who I was until I put on the mask..."

▼Yellow Reaper!

▼"Bring it Decepticon!"

▼"Open fire!"

▼I need a break...

▼I wonder if Barricade will make an appearance?

▼ When two foes meet, their eyes flash fire!!!

▼MPM and SS, what a great family photo.

▼"We, are Bumblebee..."

▼MPM-3Chevrolet Bumblebee vs MPM-7 Beetle Bumblebee, who do you like?

▼"Hey big guy,""Hey little one."

▼Yellow wind returns, what are you waiting for?

▼G1 and Movie, look how far we've come!

▼Bumblebee Sentai, Bee Ranger, Thanks for watching!

This concludes our unboxing for MPM-7 Bumblebee. If you're like me who can't forget the Gen 1 Beetle but loves the heavy machinery style of the film, don't miss the MPM-7 Masterpiece!!

Transformers Masterpiece Movie Series MPM-7 Bumblebee
Price: 89.99 USD
Release date: 2018/10/01