"Watch your step." 《Monster Hunter: World》Paratoad Stuffed Toy

Chugai Mining Company from Japan recently announced Paratoad Stuffed Toy from the famous action role-playing game Monster Hunter: World, coming this December.

Paratoad is Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter World, it inhabits ponds and shadows and is typically stationary, but if struck it'll inflate its belly and release dense paralyze gas, paralyzing any living creature it contacts. Recognize it in the field will help you takedown larger monster, ignore it and you'll end up carted. Paratoad and Sleeptoad are the most powerful creatures on the continent, Hunters can never one shot it, and after it deflates it immediately jumps away, its vitality is off the chart!

Paratoad Stuffed Toy is H230mm×W290mm×D420mm in size similar to an African bullfrog. The big eyes, a beautiful yellow-green pattern, and strange dorsal fin are all copied from the game. You can Paralyze people with ranidaphobia in real life!

Monster Hunter: World Paratoad Stuffed Toy
Price: 3780 Yen
Size: H230mm×W290mm×D420mm
Release date: 2018/12