With This Weapon Even Thanos Would Be Afraid of You XD~ 1:1 LEGO MOC Stormbreaker by Maksym Mitiakin

LEGO bricks are full of infinite possibility, and if one imagine it one can build it! The world is full of master builders making amazing works brick by brick. Last week we showed off the grandiose RX-78-2 Gundam, this week's jaw dropping piece is made by Ukrainian brick fan Maksym Mitiakin, a 1:1 LEGO Stormbreaker from Avengers: Infinity War!!!

▼The Base Plate Journalist carrying it.

Stormbreaker is a half axe half hammer new weapon made by Eitri after Thor, Rocket, and Groot travel to Niðavellir to seek his help. In the battle of Wakanda, Stormbreaker flew around the field like a boomerang killing many Outriders before Thor even appeared, turning the tide for the heroes! When Thor hit it on the ground it creates powerful thunders shock wave and wind, eliminating many opponent in an instant!

Based on the look from the film, it uses many grey brick to achieve its look. Considerate, it chooses slope pieces to shape the axe curve, and the middle part even uses dark grey to make it as close as possible; The long handle uses two brown colors with dark flat tiles representing handle wrap.

LEGO MOC Thor's Stormbreaker by Maksym Mitiakin

Maksym Mitiakin