100 cm of Power! LEGO 10268 Creator Expert Vestas Wind Turbine

LEGO's Creator series announced yesterday(26th) the long-rumored re-release Wind Turbine set, LEGO 10268 Creator Expert Vestas Wind Turbine, coming this Black Friday, November 23rd, 2018.

Besides its massive 100cm height, this set also has"LEGO Environmental Effort" and "Exclusive Re-release Set" meaning! LEGO previously announced it's using sugarcane as raw material for its plastic bricks, starting with plants and tree pieces, and with this set, we see "Plants from Plants" idea come through; VESTAS from Denmark is the world's biggest manufacturer of wind turbines, and stage-managed its design, manufacture, marketing, assembly, and repair. In 2008, LEGO released Set 4999-1 Vestas Wind Turbine exclusively, but now it's re-releasing for all builders.

▼LEGO 4999 Vestas Wind Turbine

Packaging has been redesigned, and structure adjusted, this set uses many white bricks to build it appearance, combine with build in power piece (or take it to somewhere windy) allows it to spin. Around the base are brick house and green hill with light-up feature for the house. The chairs are made of wheel arch piece, additionally, a VISTAS repair van and two VESTAS worker is included. If you've been eyeing this for 10 years I say this is your chance!

▼On the front and back of the package writes "THIS ELEMENT IS MADE FROM PLANTS."

LEGO 10268 Creator Expert Vestas Wind Turbine
Price: 199.99
Pieces: 826
Release date: 2018/11/23