Toys "R" Us Exclusives LEGO Bricktober 2018 Minifigures Sets

When playing LEGOs, besides the bigger sets fans pay money for, there's also the finely printed, unique in shape Minifigures~ Especially those from special events or conventions could really drive one crazy trying to get it! This week's unboxing is about LEGO and Taiwan Toys "R" Us collaboration, Bricktober, a special event starting on September 28, 2018.

A four Minifigures per box format has Harry Potter, Jurassic World, Ninjago, and Infinity War. Taiwan Toys "R" Us is giving one box away for each purchase of 2300NT. Here are the timetables so you don't miss out on them:

LEGO 5005257 LEGO Ninjago-2018/9/28~10/4
LEGO 5005254 LEGO Harry Potter-2018/10/5~10/11
LEGO 5005255 LEGO Jurassic World-2018/10/12~10/18
LEGO 5005256 LEGO Marvel Super Heros-2018/10/19~10/25

▼You can clearly see the Minifigures and accessories from the clear package design so its great for displaying! Beside Baby Blue from Jurassic World, every other box has 4 Minifigures!

▼Side view!

▼The plastic protection peels off easily and if done carefully it won't leave a scratch on the box~

Let's see it in order! First off is LEGO 5005257 Ninjago, for the left to right we have (Oni Mask of Hatred) Harumi, Future Jay, Mohawk, and Nya in Geisha disguise.

▼Rathers the main character or minion, the prints are all very neat~ Harumi and Nya have the dual-sided head.

▼The purple Oni Mask piece is actually a Motorcycle Helmet. Amazing print plus the hair on both side made Harumi seem bigger. The body is rock textured (Oni Mask of Hatred makes wearer hard as a rock) and includes two red Katana.

▼Though Future Jay only has a stick, the body print still looks great~

▼A member of "Sons of Garmadon," with Mohawk hairstyle, bike gang uniform, face makeup, and arm tattoos plus the silver baseball bat made this Minifigure worth collecting~

▼Last is Nya in Geisha disguise, printed with delicate Kimono dress with two flying dragons! The sinister smile looked very shady!

Next up is LEGO 5005254 LEGO Harry Potter with Rolanda Hooch, Horace Slughorn, Delores Umbridge, and Boggart Snape.

▼ After LEGO 71022 Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™ polybag, I've always wanted to collect these four Minifigure. Everyone has a dual-sided head, and the accessories are rich too!

▼Professor Horace Slughorn's print looks very neat~ and the likeness is off the chart! Rolanda Hooch goggle face is super likable.

▼The pink dress is super cute and print with cat emblem. If the head was a pretty girl this would be the perfect Minifigure.

▼Boggart Snape must be out of one's expectation. Snape's serious face on a grandma's dress with sable scarf red handbag. It would've been perfect if they got the hat right.

▼Let's relive that scene!

The third box we have LEGO Jurassic World, from left to right we have for the first time Dr. Ian Malcolm, Claire Dearing, Owen Grady, and cute Baby Blue with a chicken wing.

▼Besides Baby Blue everyone has a dual-sided head, Owen's is especially funny.

▼Dr. Ian Malcolm appears in his 1993's Jurassic Park design, the black suit, chest hair, and necklace really look like Jeff Goldblum! Though Claire has a new print, the cloth design doesn't stick out as much but it does come with a phone.

▼Owen also has a brand new design, a beige color top and pocket vest looks very good. Zip, belt and arms details are all neatly printed, plus the pouting face is really funny!

▼In the past, collecting LEGO Dinosaurs favors big size and mad expression. Baby Blue has a different feel when pairing with Minifigures~

At last, the highly anticipated LEGO 5005256 LEGO Marvel Super Heros! War Machine alone makes my blood pumping~ Next is Wong, Tony in sportswear and Bucky with a new arm.

▼Besides Wong's first Minifigure, all three other characters have a dual-sided head! All the cloth print are accurate to the movie.

▼War Machine has neat prints from head to toe, arc reactor, arms, and back details are all done without a slack. Liftable mask reveals James Rhodes's face, plus the missile launchers, LEGO is too hearty!

▼Wong's face looks too skinny compared to his appearance in the film but at least the cloth looks fine, comes with a spellbook too.

▼Because it isn't the usual Iron Man suit, and only appearances in the first 10 minutes of the Infinity War, this camo sportswear might be attractive because of it! The sleeve and back all have detailed prints, even the hood is added.

▼Bucky's highlight is his Vibranium arm. The sheath on his right leg is also printed.

Switching heads allows for much playful display and interesting results.

▼Owen and Star-Lord: "Blue, You know me..."

▼Infultrate the enemy base, the Geishas discuss who to honey trap and complete the mission.

▼Afternoon tea needs Dolores Umbridge of course~

▼"Tony, is this the new War Machine suit?"

▼Owen brought Alice's bottle and cake, but...what has Blue turned in to?

▼Both minions but why is this one so tough?

▼"Not for sale? I'll get it because I am BATMAN!!"

▼Oni mask new feature: scaring kids!

▼Oh god~ this kid is scarier than me!

▼“Must go faster!”

▼"You fly brooms?", "And you fly eagles?", "Enough talk, let's race!"

「LEGO 5005254~5005257 Bricktober Minifigures Sets」Conclusion:

From rarity and print perspective, I say the four sets are all totally worth it! Accessories are sincere too~ I'm not familiar with Ninjago but it really stands out. Marvel Superheroes are spectacular as always, Harry Potter cast only grows bigger, Jurrasic's new and old character is very appealing. LEGO Bricktober 2018 event starts tomorrow, I hope you'll get what you like!