(Updated) FLARE《NieR:Automata》 2B PVC Figure Standard /Deluxe Edition

Japanese Company FLARE recently announced the prototype displayed and highly anticipated 2B PVC Figure from NieR:Automata will be available for pre-order in a few days with the Standard and deluxe edition.

One of the three protagonists, YoRHa No.2 Type B (Battle) or 2B is the same as the other YoRHa android with silver hair dress in gothic clothing. Skilled in knife and gun close quarter combat, and use Pod for long-range attack. She's a quiet soldier with emotionless words. Doesn't converse beside the mission, and strictly follows YoRHa android creed which forbids emotion. However, throughout the game, The player will realize 2B isn't good at hiding herself and has an impulsive, sincere, and selfless side.

2B PVC Figure is sculpted and painted by famous sculptor Mitsumasa Yoshizawa. Stands 28 cm, neatly sculpted soft hair flow, slim body, and thick thigh. Black frilly Gothic lolita dress, whether the cuff feathers or the front skirt embroidery are all very attentive. Naked skin displayed white touched with red; Sexy, mysterious, and powerful. Deluxe edition includes an unmasked head sculpt, Pod 042, and lower body after Self-destruct so one can enjoy her beautiful face and sweet android butt!

NieR: Automata 2B
Price: Standard 13,800 Yen + Tax, Deluxe 20,800 Yen + Tax
Release date: 2019/09
Specs: No scale painted PVC figure, approximately 28 cm in height
2B Sculptor and Painter: Mitsumasa Yoshizawa(REFLECT)
Virtuous Contract Sculptor: Takayuki Higashi Painter: Mitsumasa Yoshizawa(REFLECT)

NieR: Automata is an ARPG made by Platinum Studio and published by Square Enix, Directed by Yoko Taro. The player controls Android sent to earth to eliminate alien and machine and retake earth for mankind which one slowly learns the truth and meaning of existence...