Mafex RoboCop 3 with Jetpack !

Famous Japanese brand Medicom's action figure brand Mafex after released RoboCop from RoboCop and RoboCop 2, has recently unveiled the RoboCop 3 version promo images and release information on its official site.

Beside the Jetpack that appeared movie, weapons includes the signature Auto 9 machine pistol and heavy weaponry for the arms. Removable part for the right thigh allows it to store the machine pistol. RoboCop also has three different chin plate expressions. If you have the first two figures be sure to add this to complete your collection!

RoboCop is a social satire disguised as a cyberpunk action film. Set in the future(Present) Detroit, evil corporations control the police force after the city bankrupt. After a law enforcement droid demonstration failed, Omnicorp adapted the RoboCop program instead, with police Alex Murphy turned in a cyborg.

MAFEX No.087 RoboCop 3
Price: 8,800 Yen(without Tax)
Height: Approximately 160mm
Release date: 2019/07