Nendoroid Virtual Youtuber Dennou Shojo Siro

Good Smile company announces today Nendoroid Shoujo Siro to their evergrowing Nendoroid figure library, estimate release May 2019.

Dennou Shojo Siro is a virtual youtuber owned by Japanese company App Land. Since June 2017, the channel has consistently put up one video per day, currently has 500K subscribers with over 57M views. Siro's channel is mostly game streaming, gossip, and challenges, unlike other virtual youtuber she has excellent English and can speak German, and Spanish.

▼ Combat AI "Siro" enjoys being a murderer, in "Dead by Daylight."

Originally Siro wants to be an idol singing in Budokan but after playing PUBG, Dead by Daylight, and DOOM her Combat AI instinct came out, unconsciously claiming she has the ability to be a murderer and wants to perform blood sacrifice and so on, very different from her normal cute impression. Siro also has another unique characteristic, and that's when she is exciting laughing her sound has a high dolphin pitch that might be addicting to some, earning the title "White Dolphin(シロイルカ)".

Nendoroid Dennou Shoujo Siro is based on the new dress announced in spring 2018, whether is the fluffy skirt, cat shape headband and hair clip are all very neat. Faceplates include the cute normal expression, a happy smiling expression, and the mischief staring expression. Use sticker to create the fouth shining eyes expression. Besides the exchangeable arms, she also has a helmet plus rifle for when she's playing PUBG.

Nendoroid Dennou Shoujo Siro
Price: 4,815 Yen(Before Tax)
Release Date
Specs: Painted ABS&PVC non-scale figure with stand included. Approximately 100mm in height.
Sculptor: JUN(E.V.)
Cooperation: Nendoron