Dragon Ball Figure Rise Mechanics Bulma Variable No.19 Bike Info announced!

Toy company Bandai Hobby division's Figure-rise series, which has much popular anime, manga, and Tokusatsu series as its subject, previously unveiled "Bulma Variable No.19 Bike "at the 57th Shizuoka Hobby Show, with painted prototype displayed at the booth.

Officials updated preview images yesterday, with "Figure-rise Standard figure" series who has accumulated years of developed techs, plus the "Figure-rise Mechanics" that consisted of vehicles and machine constructions, to create the model kit "Bulma + Variable Bike." No news on the price yet but if you're interested, remember to keep up with our follow-up report!

In Dragon Ball, Bulma is the first earthling Goku meet besides grandpa while also the first woman he meet. Smart and beautiful, she's sometimes fierce and willful. After returning from Namek, she and Vegeta became lovers, got married and had a son and daughter named Trunks and Bulla.

Dragon Ball is a classic adventure and fighting manga created by Akira Toriyama. Started on Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1984 to 1995, up to now it has 42 tankōbon volumes, with anime, movies, video games, cd, artbook, and other related work down the line. It remains to be many people's childhood memory.

Figure Rise Mechanics Bulma Variable No.19 Bike
Price: NA
Releasing this winter.

▼ Shizuoka Hobby Show painted prototype displayed.

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