She’s a Beauty! LEGO 75512 Millennium Falcon Cockpit from Solo: A Star Wars Story (SDCC 2018 Exclusive)

With San Diego Comic-Con 2018 fast approaching, Lego has ramped up its pace, unveiling the first images of the limited edition 75122 Millennium Falcon Cockpit from Solo: A Star Wars Story!

Though Solo: A Star Wars Story has not found the buzz that other entries in the franchise have, you wouldn't know that but looking at the merchandise! The cockpit build, while not particularly compelling, is a nice shape, constructed from a series of curved parts. The minifigure selection is mildly disappointing, as both the Han Solo and Chewbacca minifigures can be found in other sets. But the set as a whole does have a nice design, with a detailed build of the flight controls and signature yellow passenger seats in the cockpit.

Compared to the set itself, the packaging is much more exciting, featuring a rectangular box design that is reminiscent of old VHS tapes. The box art depicts our favorite heroes as they make the infamous Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, along with the obligatory logos for Star Wars, LEGO and SDCC. It even includes character speech bubbles with Chewbacca howling in classic Wookie fashion and Han uttering the iconic line, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this!” Why do I get the feeling that this set is going to stay unopened...

LEGO 75512 Millennium Falcon Cockpit SDCC Exclusive
Retail Price: $40
Piece Count: 203
SDCC 2018 Exclusive