ARTFX J Lyra with Chikorita 1/8 Scale Figure from HGSS

Publish by Japanese Kotobukiya, the ARTFX J series makes Anime and Manga characters into detailed artworks. Today it announced the 8th in its line-up with Lyra with Chikorita 1/8 Scale Figure, estimated release date February 2019.

Lyra is a Pokemon trainer from the New Bark Town, first appeared in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver and is a childhood friend of Ethan. If the player chooses Lyra for the playthrough, she'll challenge 16 gyms and go straight to Mt. Silver's legendary trainer "RED"! But if the player chooses Ethan, Lyra is only a tutorial NPC.

Lyra with Chikorita 1/8 Scale Figure is based again on Hitoshi Ariga illustration and design for the Pokémon series, with Lyra with Chikorita in a sprinting pose. Lyra's cloth shade, ridge, and paint job are all very detailed, even the Pokémon gear hanging on its bag is recreated. Chikorita head leaf has a semi-transparent texture, legs sprint effect adds speed to the run.

ARTFX J Lyra with Chikorita
Price: 8,500 Yen+Tax
Release date: 2019/02
Specs: 1/8 scale painted PVC figure, Lyra 175mm Chikorita 65mm
Lyra sculptor: タカヒ
Chikorita sculptor: 折田航