Feel the Force with this Yoda Statue from Iron Studios!

Iron Studio's 1/4 scale Legacy Replica series recently announced the long-awaited Star Wars Statue Yoda, estimated release date Q3 of 2019.

Yoda is one of the memorable characters in the Star Wars series. 800 years old with high moral and deep wisdom, he's especially powerful when it comes to mastery over the Force. Despite his old age and walking with a cane and a short stature, Yoda is experienced and calm, making him regarded as the most virtuous and respectable Jedi Master; In the Empire Strikes Back when Yoda was training Luke, besides piggyback riding Luke and stacking rocks, the most memorable scene was him lifting a sunken X wing from a swap.

The Statue stands 11.8" (299.72mm), with Yoda and Dagobah's swap climate masterfully recreate and added many classic elements from the movie. Yoda's skin wrinkles and robe are detailedly made; sparse white hair, gradient colored nails, etc., are highly realistic. Can be displayed with either a cane or hand reaching while concentrating on the force. The detailed swamp is also one big highlight! braches, vine, plants, bugs, and small animal waiting to be discovered. Openable wooden box pack with a Lighsaber, Holocron, flashlight, and ComLink.

Additionally, one can reenact the rock stacking scene; with Yoda's lifelike gesture, one could really feel the force! The base use a transparent material to recreate water, the sunken X wing can be partially seen.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Yoda Legacy Replica 1/4 - Star Wars
Price: 559.99 USD
Scale: 1/4
Size: 11.8" H (299.72mm) x 15.3" W (388.62mm)*
Release date: Q3 of 2019