Bring Arts《Nier》Series 「2B ver.2」,「 Devola & Popola」, 「 Adam & Eve」Prototype Revealed!

While NieR Orchestra Concert 12018 played at Pacifico Yokohama today, Square Enix also displayed Nier latest figure from its 6-inch action figure series Bring Arts, including 「2B ver.2」,「 Devola & Popola」, 「 Adam & Eve」and Bring Arts weapon display stand, not price or release date yet.

▼ First off, the highly anticipated Bring Arts 2B ver.2 prototype has been revealed! Not sure what has been changed to the body, but the accessories have improved from the first; Besides the original Virtuous Contract and Pod, it also added Virtuous Treaty, Cruel Lament, Cruel Arrogance, Black Box and Lower Body after self-destructing.

▼ Twin sister Devola & Popola painted prototype

▼ Adam & Eve

▼ Nier & Emil from the previous title

▼ Bring Arts weapon collection from the Nier series, sold in loot box mystery boxes

(Source: SQEX MD [email protected]_MD_GOODS