Kabuki Owl Capsule Toys Because Puns...

The creative Gashapon company Panda's Hole recently announces Kabukuro or Kabuki Owl Capsule Toys, estimate release October of 2018.

Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama while Fukurō means owl in Japanese; Combining the two word you get Kabu-Kuro or Kabuki Owl! Owl has always been a popular bird in Japan, not because of the recent Owl Cafe industry but an ancient symbol of wisdom. Fukurō is also pronounced the same as "不苦労" or "Do not struggle, escape the difficulties.", similar to "bless you" in English. Another reason might be Barn Owl snow white face looks like a Kabuki.

▼ Barn Owl

Kabuki Owl is hilarious for its surreal comedy. Adding the open wings and lifted feet it might as well be dancing.XD

Kumadori is stage makeup worn by kabuki actors, besides the white foundation with eyebrows and eyeliner, it also uses three brightly colored stripes to symbolize its roles. Red for the just, blue for the wicked, and brown for the Yokai.

01.Popular Gorō
02.Gorgeous Saemon
03.Evil Jiro
04.Yokai Sukeroku
05.Cold-blood Saemon

Price: NA
Estimated release date: October of 2018